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Digital transformation has become essential these few years. We see the impact technology has been making on mankind is exponentially increasing both in-depth and in scope. We see self-driving cars on long journeys, drones being used effectively in warfare, and schools bringing learning online for the entire year.

No companies or organizations want to be at the mercies of the ever-changing technologies and all of them want to leverage them. Everyone can see the potential of digital transformation, especially when done correctly. Already, 70% of companies are adopting a digital transformation strategy or are in the midst of doing it. Global spending on digital transformation will reach $6.8 trillion by 2023. This is according to a research by Zippia.

If an individual can harness digital transformation, the result can be life-changing. Here is a quick start guide on how you can leverage digital transformation.

Defining Digital Transformation for Individuals

Digital transformation for companies is complex and requires consideration in many areas, like operations, skilling, collaboration, and many more. For personal digital transformation, the areas to look at are different. Digital transformation for both companies and individuals is a journey. It takes much thinking, planning, and implementation to be effective. Individuals can improve many aspects of their lives by adopting digital transformation correctly.

Here are some areas for personal digital transformation. Productivity, Finance, Relationships, Learning, Career. This list highlights the key areas and should not be exhaustive. We must also be realistic about digital transformation that it cannot solve some personal problems. There might not be a technology to solve your anger management issues.

Preparing yourself for Digital Transformation

There are some steps you can prepare yourself for effective digital transformation.

Make your decision
If you are reading up to this point, you should have decided that digital transformation is good. This seems like an obvious step but most people do not take the first step. They read articles, and watch Youtube videos, doing these mindlessly. The main issue with digital transformation, unlike fitness, does not give a sense of urgency. We can see advances in technology and you consume it. Technology is integrated with your life but it impedes you rather than improves you. Consuming technology without it improving your life is not digital transformation. You can be left behind unknowingly.

Define your strategy
Keep this simple. You are not a company so you do not need a full strategy. You do need to identify the area you want to work on, the technology required, and how you want to proceed. A working adult can start by finding the right app to help with personal productivity or career productivity.

Get ready for changes
Any implementation of a strategy will see changes. This is more apparent especially when it is technology-related. Change can also happen when you pick up more knowledge and skills. Be flexible in your strategy and most importantly, do not give up.

Identify Specific Areas for Digital Transformation

In the given list for personal digital transformation, you will notice that some areas do overlap. When you want to do well in your career, learning might be involved and even relationships can also be a criterion. You find that digital transformation is holistic in nature. To better implement digital transformation, scope areas that you want to work on. The categories are generic, but keep it that way first as it is easier to find suitable technologies. You can narrow them down when you have the technologies for your specific needs.

Identify Technologies

When you start, learn about the apps first and how they can help in your selected area. Learning about the technology behind the app can come later. This means that you find apps that are useful. Most apps can be used with basic knowledge, some can really flourish with the right skills. You might be surprised to find there is already an app for your problem, Read the app reviews to determine if it is a good app to download.

Learn More About Selected App

You can watch Youtube videos to learn more about the app. Watching Youtube videos for learning is a great step toward digital transformation. Most people can use an app for years without knowing there are useful functions for them. All they need is to spend half an hour researching what the app can do. You can spend money to learn more about an app if it is important to you or your career. You can reap significant rewards more than the money you spent.


Everyone has heard about digital transformation but not many people will take steps to adopt it for themselves. This is a pity considering the potential self-improvement. Do not be the one left behind.

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