5 areas for digital transformation to make a life-changing impact

Digital transformation can improve your life by leaps and bounds. You do not have to be a bystander looking at everyone else charging ahead with their seemingly successful lives. Explore these 5 areas and start your own personal success with digital transformation.

Personal Productivity

Optimising yourself is vital for anyone who wants to achieve their goals. There are many apps that anyone can use and see improvements. Trying out apps at random is not digital transformation. You should look to adopt a productivity system and find the app that suits your method. Depending on your experience with such systems, you can start with a simple to-do list app to a calendar app or note-taking app. There is an abundance of apps, create a system for yourself where the different apps can integrate and improve your life.


Adopt a productivity system before selecting an app.


Work is one area most adults spend most of their time on yet, it is an area no one seeks to improve. I am not talking about taking a huge step like learning to code to switch careers. For example, There are employees who spend all their time on Microsoft Excel every day but do not learn a new Excel function the entire year. You can definitely complete your work but why not make your life easier? No matter, what app you are using for work, spend an hour or two researching and learning it. We use apps at work like how we use our brains, we don’t maximise it.


Spend one hour a month learning about the apps you use at work.

Building your brand

This is an era where everyone has a social side. When you want to know someone, the first thing you do is to do a search on the person. You will build a profile of that person from their social media accounts. This of course has its pros and cons. You can harness this reality to build your personal brand. Level up different digital skills, like photo-editing skills or even marketing skills, to increase opportunities for yourself. Depending on what you want, build a profile targeted for your desired opportunity.


Start separate social media accounts for your personal brand building.


Learning is one major area technology has disrupted. Technology has made learning much easier both content and access. Before the internet, your source of learning was limited. If your father was a farmer, then he may teach you how to farm. Good luck to you if you do not have the flair for it. Another way is to go to school or university to learn. If you want to learn about finance, either you study it at a university, or you hope you can bump into someone who has the knowledge to pass on to you. This now sounds very unfamiliar. With technology, we are dealing with too much information. This also presents an opportunity. Identify an area you want to do well in, and find good platforms that can teach it. If the subject can is important, pay a small fee to learn.


If you are uncertain what topic to choose for self-improvement, consider fitness or finance. No matter who, improving these two areas is often life-changing.

Starting a business

Starting a business used to be a big commitment. You have to invest a lot of time and money. If it does not work out, the repercussions can be damaging. With technology, the range of businesses has changed. There are more possibilities and platforms that allow anyone to start a business. There are different platforms you can explore to see how you can make money. There are platforms like Fiverr or Upwork where you can offer services. Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon where you can sell products. If you are unsure, learn how to start a business.


Learn how to do a business from e-learning platforms.


There are more areas digital transformation can change, and these five are just covered briefly. These five suggestions are given to help you start your consideration. Begin your digital transformation journey, and you will find yourself much more efficient. When you are digitally transformed, you can look forward to finding an area of your life to impact.

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